Gym Bunnies

British porn models can make any porn fan go absolutely crazy. They know how to move, they know how to showcase their fantastic bodies and they sure know how to get fucked and how to fuck, using their mouths, their tits, their pussy and their ass to achieve the best (and most cum explosive) results. British porn stars are definitely some of the best in the entire industry, however, they had to get some training at one point or another and, where does that training come from, you might ask? Well, it comes from Kerry Louise herself, of course! 

Kerry Louise runs a gym where she trains these up-and-coming slutty girls to become the proper porn stars that they want to become and, she does it in such a way that every girl that enters the building comes out looking and feeling like a sex goddess herself. There are many different ways in which she achieves these results, after all, with such sexual experience as the one she has, she definitely knows how to train them. Being a porn star is no easy task so, it requires quite a lot of technique and hunger for some good dick and pussy. These are requirements that are just not naturally met unless there’s some training done! 

The gym that Kerry Lousie runs focuses on teaching the techniques and desires that most men love to see on screen and, there is no better way to teach such things than to go straight into practice on those girls. The girls that enlist in the gym are so desperate to be the new hot porn star of the year that they will do anything that the trainer tells them in order to succeed. If the trainer tells them to spread their legs wide open and touch themselves right in front of her, then they will and, if she tells them to sit back and just feel her tongue sliding into their delicious pink pussy then you bet that they’ll gladly oblige.The girls that frequent the gym are called gym bunnies, for obvious reasons. One, they’re learning how to be the perfect porn stars, training every single day and two, they are fucking each other like bunnies, sliding dildos into each other’s pussies, taking hot showers together and licking each other’s wetness like their thirsty for a glass of water in the middle of the Sahara desert. It is no secret that being able to visit this gym is every man’s wet dream however, it is strictly designed to teach hot women so, no man allowed but, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch…

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lesbians at the gym

Seeing the trainer fingerbang these girl’s tight pussy, eating them out and stretching their holes with a massive dildo is one of the most enticing things ever and she knows it very well. Even though she’s doing her job by teaching these girls the basis of what makes a good porn star, well, a good porn star, it would be a lie to say that she wasn’t enjoying every single second of those sessions. In fact, you could say that she might be enjoying these girls’ bodies a little bit too much. Is she really running a gym just to teach them how to be good porn stars or, is this just an excuse for her to slurp on some hot delicious squirt juices?

Regardless of what her intentions might be, she definitely does a great job at it because, at the end of the day, these girls have their legs shaking by how intense and how pleasurable every single session was. Most often than not, they are left in a sea of squirt juices after they climax. The trainer’s tongue is unlike any other around. She knows what spots to hit, she knows how deep her fingers should go and how wide she should spread those pussies and, she definitely knows how to get them to cum in no time at all. 

Even though this is a strict girls-only kind of gym, they absolutely love to show off the kind of training that goes inside those four walls. They know that the training that they’re doing in there is as naughty as they come and, as the good dirty submissive sluts they are, they love to know that men cum while watching the trainer heating the pussy of every single girl on that gym. She doesn’t just eat pussy though, oh no, she goes to the nine yards! She’ll eat ass, she’ll grab the biggest dildo around and shove it in their tight holes and, most importantly, she makes sure that they are showing their bodies for the camera in absolute perfection.

Overall, you could say that however many girls go into that gym, they definitely come out with the right experience (and hunger for sex) that they need to in order to become the next big porn star that will be desired by every man and woman around! They will come out as the slutty pros they’ve always dreamt of becoming. They will know how a truly good pussy eating feels and how to be completely submissive for the cameras and, most importantly, they will have a hell of a good time while doing so.

Regardless of whether the gym trainer is doing it for her own pleasure or whether she’s really just being professional and showing the skills she has in the best way possible, you can now watch what goes on in that gym right through the screen. Best Brit Porn has the best collection of pictures and videos of these gym bunnies getting fucked as they’ve never been fucked before. Watch them cum, slurp and squirt in between moans and screams of pleasure, all due to the wonderful skills that Kerry Louise has when it comes to sex, truly teaching these girls how to be the sluttiest most enticing porn stars on the entire planet! 

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