Fake Model Casting

Hot models fucking on screen are a great way to bust a nut and that is no understatement. It is incredible to see a hot woman just getting her pussy busted open by a big fat cock as she screams and moans in pleasure while exploding in a sea of squirt juices and cum. Even though porn is incredible, in order to find these amazingly enticing and slutty models, a casting must always take place, however, how does a casting to find new porn models usually go? Well, we could say it usually requires some physical real-time proof of one’s skills…

More often than not, these girls that are new to the porn scene are absolutely desperate to find a job. They want to be the big porn stars that everyone swoons over, they want to be the ones that men fantasize about fucking and, most importantly, they want to get a good pussy workout while earning some big cash. Because of how “eager” these girls are to get into the porn industry, they often go to great lengths to secure the gig. Oftentimes, such castings are done by Babestation’s producer Monty and, that alone can be a recipe for disaster in the best sense of the word.

Monty is a sweet talker with a massive package in his pants so, that alone can absolutely make any girl that comes in contact with him go crazy and just bend over, begging him to stretch her pussy out and make her squirt all over the room. Add to that the fact that these girls are trying to get into the porn industry and, well, you can guess what happens next. They sit down, they have a nice chat and they get right into the action, really proving that they are right for the job.

These girls are absolutely desperate to get the job so they will go to great lengths to get it, even if that means unzipping the pants of the producer himself and gagging and choking on his fat dick. At the end of the day, he needs to find the right recruits for the job and, what better way to do so than to test them himself. He absolutely loves to undress them and slowly but surely, see how they perform on camera, making sure that every single angle of their tight pussy and fat ass is shown so he can watch it later on. He knows how to get a girl weak on her knees.

These girls are some of the sluttiest you’ll ever see in the industry, mostly due to the fact that they are so cock hungry that they’ll do anything to get into the porn industry. When there’s a chance for them to get on the casting couch and prove their worth, they will certainly take it, even if that means bending over and getting their ass fucked to oblivion, ending up in a mess of cum and squirt juices.

These girls usually try their best at keeping professional, at least when starting out but, in the end, they will be completely undressed and fucked so hard that they won’t even be able to walk right. They want that juicy dick in them if that means that they get a big fat paycheck at the end and they will stop at nothing to achieve that. It is a very competitive industry after all! 

It usually doesn’t take long at all for them to start showing their tits and bare pussy, in fact, it can usually be quite quickly because, after all, Monty is a charmer and he definitely knows his way around women so, he will make sure that they will beg for that dick like the good dirty sluts that they are. They will get on their knees in a heartbeat, deepthroating a dick so hard that the balls will be pressed against their chin, dripping in drool as they get wetter and wetter. After that, they usually move to the famous casting couch where they bend over, twist and turn and take that dick like the champs they are, no matter how deep, hard and thick it might be. 

They absolutely love to get some good dick so, at the end of the day, it is nothing but a pleasure to them. They absolutely adore being tested and taken to their limits. Their tits will be bouncing up and down as they ride the dick cowgirl style, their pussy will be stretched and soaking wet, really showing how desperate they are for the job but, most importantly, they will cum in a climaxing wave of squirt and juices that can truly make it hard for you to keep your pants on while watching it. 

One thing is to watch these girls on screen, in the movie that had a massive production behind it and, another thing is to watch these girls break their porn virginity, getting a nice wet taste of action to what the porn industry is truly like. These castings are made to find the new porn star that will impress any porn fan out there, with a tiny handheld camera, Monty makes sure to record every single thrust, moan and jiggle that happens in that private casting room.

It is undeniable how hot and enticing it is to see an aspiring porn star fucking in a casting room, desperate for the job and doing her best to satisfy the powerful producer that, at the end of the day, has her career in his big manly hands. They love to be fucked like the fucktoy that they are, to prove that they are worthy to star in the newest hottest film and, we have the best castings in our collection, making sure that you bust your nuts every time we bless your screen with these photos and videos. Best Brit Pornhas the best collection of fake model castings around so, come on over and explore the world of what porn casting is truly about.